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Stornello Glass

Stornello Glass 


STORNELLO GLASS is an innovative professional system for the maintenance of the vitreous surfaces, When the Transparency and brilliance are affected by dripping acid rain, salt spray, oxidation, pollution, chemical corrosion construction, not removable by simply cleaning action.

Easy to use, lightweight and fast, STORNELLO GLASS allows to work vertically in total Security being sure to remove Any type of matting and glass staining.

STORNELLO® GLASS is the result of the Joint Development between Kunzle&Tasin Srl, since 1946 leader in the production of machines for sanding the surfaces, and Vetrocare Srl, a company specialized in large glass structures restoration projects.

The kit includes: 

  • glass suckers fitted with guides, support bars, and balancer
  • full trolley for transportation
  • safety and protection equipment

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Applications of Stornello Glass