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Self Cleaning Treatments

Vetrocare provides treatments based on nanotechnology for glass and photovoltaics.  

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SIGNAPUR is "the" hydrophobic product, repellent to water and dirt, able to refine the glass giving a high-quality transparency.
Imitating the nature and properties of the lotus leaf, the glass acquires an effect of easy maintenance and therefore protection.

Thanks to this treatment, the costs of ordinary and extraordinary cleaning are significantly reduced and simplified: the glass is protected from environmental influences and aging, appearing brighter.

The advantages  

  • Self-cleaning effect
  • Prolonged cleaning warranty
  • Protection against weather
  • Preventive Action
  • Visual performance improvement
  • Savings in maintenance costs

Results and benefits 

  • Lotus Leaf Effect
  • Easy to clean
  • Surface protection
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3 types of glass with self-cleaning properties 

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