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Karapace - heavy temporary glass masking film 


KARAPACE is a protective film specially fitted for temporary protection of the glass surface in subsequent operation during the building site’s operations before delivery to the customer, when the glass is too much exposed or not properly protected.

Thanks to its innovative features and technology, KARAPACE is a removable film that do not release any kind of residue on the glass surface (e.g. glue).

Transparent and easy to apply, KARAPACE is a great tool to protect windows from typical damages like scratches, welding spots, flex points, oxidation etc…

Main features 

  • Resistant against heavy damages
    (Scratches, welding spots, flex point, oxidation etc…)
  • Removable several times
  • Semitrasparent
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Properly applied leaves no glue residue
  • Easy to carry

Fields of application 

  • Building
  • Maintenance
  • Facade and Curtain Wall
  • Glass producer
  • Glass installer
  • Shop windows
  • Mall
  • Marine industry
  • Refitting yacht
  • Transportation
  • Technical Office
  • Interior furniture
  • Winter garden
  • Repair car
  • Private people
  • Tram, Train

Resistant against heavy damages  




For more information, download the brochure and the technical sheet

Brochure  Technical Sheet 

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