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About us

About Us

At VETROCARE srl we are glass restoration and repair specialists, we fix any glass surfaces.

Our experience, innovative technologies and ongoing investments in research and development enable us to offer professional solutions and operational models that are guaranteed to address all glass issues.

In order to better serve our customers, we operate directly or with partners nationwide as well as internationally.

We take on any type of work of any scale, ranging from small-medium projects to treating large surfaces. We carry out work at building sites, ship yards, hotels and shops. We provide professional solutions where glass repair makes more financial sense than glass replacement.

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What We Offer

Restauro Vetri
Glass Restore

Restore and maintenance service for façade and glass construction

Ship Building Glass Restore

Restore service of damaged glass surfaces

Glass Repair

Repair of damage glass surfaces on site



The use of innovative technology, continuous investment in R & D, and its accumulated know-how enable us to provide professional services with high added value.

Specific Products



Protective film specially fitted for temporary protection of the glass surface in subsequent operation during the building site’s operations before delivery to the customer, when the glass is too much exposed or not properly protected.

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Stornello Glass

Stornello Glass

Innovative professional system for the maintenance of the vitreous surfaces, When the Transparency and brilliance are affected by dripping acid rain, salt spray, oxidation, pollution, chemical corrosion construction, not removable by simply cleaning action.

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"CityLife" Residences
Milan (Italy)

Surface restoration of façade: glass, metal and wood elements

Cruise Ship "Aida Perla"
Nagasaki (Japan)

Glass restoration on the command bridge and in common areas of the ship


Other Specific Services


Window films

Vetrocare provides services for transformation of glass via the installation of Solar Gard films.
Choose the film that best suits your needs:

  • Solar energy and films
  • Anti UV and anti-glare films
  • Safety films and bomb
  • Anti-graffiti films
  • Privacy and decorative films

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Latest News


Swiss VAT
Vetrocare Srl opens a new Swiss VAT.

More activities in Switzerland.