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Glass Transformation

Window films: a better environment both inside and outside  

Vetrocare provides services for transformation of glass via the installation of Solar Gard films.

Choose the film that best suits your needs:

  • Solar energy and films
  • Anti UV and anti-glare films
  • Safety films and bomb
  • Anti-graffiti films
  • Privacy and decorative films
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Solar energy and films  

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Almost invisible once installed on the glazing, Solar Gard films repel high levels of heat by offering high protection against annoying glare, unbearable hot spots and uneven temperature fluctuations.

Thanks to Solar Gard films you can increase your level of energy efficiency, improve your environment and save on cooling costs.

Safety films  

Designed to absorb shock and hold pieces of glass, the ArmorcoatĀ® protective films not only protect people from the latter but provide a barrier against the ruptures, explosions of bombs, looting and internal damage.

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Anti UV and anti-glare films  

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The films by Solar Gard keep out the heat and block more than 99% of harmful UV rays: both of which pass through any type of glass, causing dispersion and irreparable damage to everything next to you (goods, furniture, valuable artifacts or even your same skin).

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