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Glass Restoration

Our solutions 

Riparazione vetro
  • Repair of damaged glass surfaces
  • Restoration of the glass and damage
  • Recovery of damaged windows
  • Removal of cuts and scratches
  • Removal of graffiti, vandalism and aggressive paint
  • Excision corrosion by atmospheric agents and acid
  • Remover superficial oxidation and concrete casting
  • Elimination of welding burns, flexible, smeriglie

Technology and glass care 


The modern architecture and construction technology utilizes more glass of increasingly large size and complicated shapes.

The glass as a construction material is a very delicate element.
In fact, the superficial damage, such as scratches, engravings or concrete stains, are almost inevitable during the entire life cycle from production to transport, from installation to the shipyard completion.

So, when in the past such damages constituted without compromises the need to replace the glass, today is employed VETROX® system.
The world patent for the treatment and recovery of the glass surfaces in all sizes, directly on the spot!

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