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Frame Maintenance

Frame restore services  


Vetrocare Div. Frame Restore deals with interventions in work of sanitation of the metal elements (aluminum, steel, etc.) of the window frames.

This Division has specialized over the years thanks to joint experiences:

  • Vetrocare: reconditioning services of glass facades
  • Biffignandi Spa: production of technical solutions for the sanding of surfaces, such as flexible abrasives
  • Biffignandi Spa - Div. Bodywork: development of technical solutions for the bodywork sector

Performing operation

The complete restoration process of the window frames or other facade elements involves the following steps:

  • preparation of the bottom (thorough cleaning)
  • temporary masking protection
  • grouting in the case of deep scratches or dents
  • sanding with dedicated abrasive
  • coating according to RAL

Complete process


The processing steps