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Vetrocare srl At VETROCARE srl we are glass restoration and repair specialists, we fix any glass surfaces  


Our experience, innovative technologies and ongoing investments in research and development enable us to offer professional solutions and operational models that are guaranteed to address all glass issues.

In order to better serve our customers, we operate directly or with partners nationwide as well as internationally.

We take on any type of work of any scale, ranging from small-medium projects to treating large surfaces. We carry out work at building sites, ship yards, hotels and shops. We provide professional solutions where glass repair makes more financial sense than glass replacement.

Our Italian head-quarters are located in Cassolnovo (Province of Pavia), 35 kilometres South of Milan.

Vetrox System and licenses 

Being a service in place, success is determined by a combination of 3 main values, which compose the VETROX system.

VETROX, the world patented "Made in Swiss", is the technological and innovative solution for the repair of the damaged glass.

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Sistema Vetrox

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